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Over the past 5 years our philosophy has taken ViPA UK from being a single component manufacturer to one of the countries leading providers of bespoke quality portable battery covert equipment & devices.

Our product portfolio is extensive, as well as continually evolving in order to provide the enforcement industry with innovative new products. We utilise the latest developments in technology and state-of-the art manufacturing processes in our manufacturing site in UK.

We are always eager to work closely with our customers. The relationship to our customers also allows us to stay up beat with innovative products, which fulfil the needs of the market.

We are covert fly tipping experts and have recently introduced innovative rapid deployment equipment products to combat:


ViPA UK Ltd exists because of the business we do with you, if there is anything that we can do to assist you, please talk to us. Due to the covert nature off our products limited information exists on this site! Please call us to discuss your requirements and we will happy to send you full specifications

Fly Tipping CCTV Strategy & Enforcement

Fly tipping rubbish in a street


In our findings over the last 7 years we have found through experience that it’s never enough just to have the right covert equipment…more importantly the right strategy must be in place.

  1. To effectively raise awareness in your county a strong, bold operation name is crucial. This ensures people can relate and reference the operation. Some good examples are:
    • Durham County Council - OPERATION STOP IT
    • Croydon Council - DON’T MESS WITH CROYDON
  2. Choosing reliable covert CCTV equipment from Vipa UK can ensure a simple straight forward prosecution. This is down to the robust, easy to install, affordable equipment we supply. All of our equipment is compliant with all current legislation (ENCRYPTION).
  3. Social Media can play a large role in your campaign against fly tipping, using popular websites i.e. Facebook/Twitter. Using an already established account will help spread your campaign further. Designing and handing out leaflets to members of the public and businesses will also help spread your campaign.
  4. Seeking advice and support from your legal team is a must. They will ensure the whole operation conforms to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.
  5. Finally ensuring all employees involved in the deployment of covert CCTV equipment, have adequate relevant training. Understanding the technical limitations of the equipment is also desired.

All of the above is a sample of what Vipa UK are able to offer in terms of on-going support, guidance and training.

The County Durham Fly Tipping Enforcement Team

County Durham Fly Tipping Enforcement - Left to right: Ian Hoult, neighbourhood protection manager, Cllr Brian Stephens, Cabinet member for neighbourhoods and local partnerships, Oliver Sherratt, head of direct services, and Dave Riseley, neighbourhood protection enforcement manager.

  • Water proof - Covert 4 channel HD recorder
  • Records in encrypted HD
  • Battery 12vd.c powered
  • Continuous 24 hour recording
  • Many Covert camera hides provided
  • Various lenses to suit all conditions
  • Local wifi connection-for less site compromise
  • Free encrypted software
  • Used by many Councils etc
County Durham Council members showing off the fly tipping CCTV equipment

Above: County Durham Council members who have been involved in providing the new CCTV cameras with council officers.

A presentation from Vipa UK on equipment to Westfield Ward

Above: Good presentation from Vipa UK on equipment the @WestfieldWard might get to help catch fly tippers and further equipment that could help to tackle inconsiderate parking and driving around school.

Environmental Crime

Fly tipping rubbish dumped by the side of a road

An environmental crime is a violation of environmental laws that are put into place to protect the environment. When broadly defined, the crime includes all illegal acts that directly cause Environmental harm.

FLY TIPPING as it is commonly known as, has been an increasing crime over the past years, with enforcement agencies having to deal with a larger workload. With many conversations and meetings with all concerned the ViPA fly tipping enforcement kit was designed, manufactured has been used for years by many Enforcement Agencies. It has recently developed into an encrypted HD system called ENVIRO-GUARD with an impressive technical specification, easily installed without specialist knowledge or tools, with constant or VMD recording.

This 12vd/c system is extremely covert in nature and will capture many days of HD recording. It has a solid state hard drive, secure play back software and the important plug in covert devices & lenses.


Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social graffiti on a wall

Anti-social behaviour is behaviour that lacks consideration for others and that may cause damage to society.

ViPA UK Ltd has over the past years worked with most enforcement agencies (Police, Councils, Environment Agency) on how electronic surveillance equipment might best suit their needs to combat A.S.B. The need was to have a re-deployable system that can be quickly installed, will be self recording for 30 days and be able to be powered from a mains & battery power source.

It should be able to be installed on a street lighting column or simply placed on a shop wall front. And of course be very cost effective!


Out of the above was born the ViPA STREET SCENE UNIT with an impressive technical specification and the all important cost vs effectiveness

For further details, please download our Street Scene leaflet

Police & Councils

Police Tape

We at ViPA UK have an enviable relationship with most UK Police forces and Council enforcement teams, which has been built up over the past 5 years of listening and creating robust products to their demanding specifications.

Please feel free to contact us for information relating to any of our products or to discuss in confidence any bespoke requirements you may have.

  • Rapid Deployment 12vd.c Solutions
  • Covert Battery operated recorders
  • Bespoke CCTV camera hides
  • Vehicle Rapid Deployment CCTV kits
  • Void Property Detection/Set up
  • Loan & Free trial Equipment
  • 24hr Technical Support –On site & Telephone help

Battery & Solar Powered CCTV to prevent Fly Tipping

How many times have you thought to yourself, I wish I could provide CCTV coverage in areas with NO mains supply?

  • Want to capture clear images of fly tippers in the act to prosecute them?
  • Need this coverage instantly?
  • Want to be able to check footage remotely from a laptop or mobile device?

Here at VIPAUK the perfect solution is on offer. This solution ENVIRO-SCENE UNIT is exactly what you are looking for. This unit houses brand new technologies ready to make your job easier.


  1. Mains or Battery driven with a Top-Up charge from a high efficiency Solar Panel unit.
  2. Can be deployed instantly with NO technical installation required.
  3. Access to stored footage can be viewed via a local WI-FI connection or the use of internet based CLOUDVIEW.

This unit is ideal for:

  1. Anti-Social Behaviour situations
  2. Rural areas, Farms & Stables
  3. Fly-Tipping Enforcement
  4. Construction & Housing Site Security
  5. Rail and Industrial Estates

ViPA UK take pride in being at the fore-front of the CCTV industry. Don’t hesitate to contact us for full details and to discuss any further requirements you may have.


ViPA UK News

Below is a list of news articles that showcase how effective our ViPA UK products and services are at catching thieves and fly-tippers in the act and ensuring they are successfully prosecuted:

Article Date
Greenwich council clamping down on fly-tipping after increase in complaints 25/03/2019
Covert camera footage caught out fly-tipper for dumping roof tiles in Sunderland back lane 17/07/2018
Stanley man caught on camera fly-tipping garden waste fined 08/02/2018
CCTV footage of rubbish being dumped by Ashley Archer and Victoria Louise Parker in Limekiln Gill at Horden, County Durham 05/02/2018
Durham County Council clamps down on Christmas fly-tippers 15/12/2017
South Durham parish council invests in covert camera 23/06/2016
Easington man caught on CCTV dumping oil drums 17/06/2016
Watch moment fly tipper caught 04/11/2015
Secret County Durham fly-tipping cameras triggered - by pheasant 04/11/2015
CCTV under consideration in bid to tackle illegal flytipping on Cockfield Fell 21/06/2015
Operation Stop It leads to 29 per cent drop in flytipping 01/06/2015
CCTV Cameras Catch Flytippers 01/06/2015
New CCTV in Durham helps snare 17 suspected fly-tippers within months 20/05/2015
Durham fly-tipping crackdown aided by new CCTV footage 17/05/2015
17 flytipping cases investigated after council installs extra CCTV cameras 17/05/2015
Flytippers beware - new cameras proving successful 15/05/2015
Caught on camera: Fly-tipping in County Durham 06/02/2015
CCTV campaign to prosecute flytippers in County Durham launched 06/02/2015
Public respond to flytipping campaign 30/01/2015
Man ordered to pay total of £390 after flytipping in Brandon 27/12/2014
Second fly-tipper in CCTV trap success at Shotton Colliery 25/06/2013
VIDEO: Fly-tipper caught on camera 21/03/2013
Church thefts fuel demand for Stone's services 30/08/2011
Church gets device to fight lead thefts 11/05/2011
County Durham churches hit by rising metal thefts 31/03/2011
Sunderland and Durham churches pray for an end to metal thefts 30/03/2011
Joint bid to foil metal thefts 30/03/2011
Theft of piping leads to gas leak inside church 28/03/2011
CCTV used in blitz on flytipping in County Durham 19/10/2010

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